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7 Magical Keys

This Children’s Book is great for families all across the globe helping and teaching Children some valuable lessons.  Click below to buy the book now.  Thank you in advance for your purchase you will be satisfied with the reading and illustration.

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This program will focus on these 7 key principles.

Establishing a village of men that will:

1. Be Resourceful
2. Break the Cycle
3. Create Character
4. Have Faith
5. Learn Discipline
6. Correct the Brotherhood
7.  Raise Sons

These seven key principles will change the lives not only in our children, but also help the men that are trying to raise them to understand these seven key principles as well.

Father to a fatherless Genertation, Inc.

Non Profit

Pastor Glenn Morton

PO Box 721
Sicklerville, NJ 08081

+856 379 5737


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